The YAKUDO utilizes the strongest and heaviest 12 oz cotton canvas designed to endure the hardest wear to last. This highest grade of the cotton canvas provides twice the tensile strength and 20% more friction resistance for strong durability. Cotton is the original wicking material that will keep moisture away from the body. The uniform will shrink by 3-4% overall.


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  • Recommended for KATA

    TSA-The YAKUDO 躍動 is the original heavyweight tournament uniform that was developed through extensive research and investigation with competitors of many styles and organizations to provide the best kata uniform possible.

  • Service after sale; is our top priority at Tokaido Canada; in case the uniform you ordered is not the correct size, Tokaido Canada will exchange or fully refund within two weeks the amount paid minus the shipping fees, provided the product has not been worn and washed and it is in mint unmarked and original condition and in its original bag.


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