The ADIDAS HYBRID 200 Boxing Glove is characterized by a completely innovative HYBRID construction, thanks to a block of integral foam covering up to the wrist level, consisting of a multilayer foam structure. This unique block concept is proposed for the first time in the history of boxing.
This Ergonomic Boxing Glove is made of buffalo leather for durability over time, an intelligent preformed shape memory foam for outdoor shock absorption and a Praesidium foam underlayment. optimizing shock absorption and impact at the metacarpal level.

The horsehair padding improves the performance of the punch, the polyester layer acting as an anti-perspiration screen for a longer life. It also has a taffeta underlay for maximum comfort.

Closing with a wide elastic rigid band.

- Black/Gold and Black/White/Silver color
- Sizes: 16Oz, 18 Oz
- Outer material: Buffalo leather
- Inner lining: Taffeta
- Foams: 2 foam blocks and multilayer structure
- Wide rigid elastic band


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