SPEED 100 boxing gloves are made of an ultra-durable PU exterior material for longer wear. Triple layer design gives athletes all the advantages of this high-performance glove.

The newly developed high compression Injection-Molded Flexo-Curvex foam is pre-formed to provide a uniform level of shock absorption. The consistent distribution of weight, gives a ‘speed’ feel to the glove.
Enhanced with a DenZo-Tron Tubular foam bar for a secure grip and strong fist, followed by a layer of mesh on the lining of the foam to make it virtually indestructible.

The rigid Velcro strap closing system at wrist allows a quick and firm adjustment of gloves. The construction of this glove has been designed to optimize the speed and performance of movements of a boxer.

- Tear-resistant durable PU exterior for daily training sessions
- Impact-dispersing Injection-Molded Foam provides a uniform level of shock absorption to protect hands and knuckles
- Anatomically correct pre-curved molded hand compartment for enhanced comfort and performance
- CLIMACOOL moisture-wicking technology keep hands cool and dry
- Designed to accelerate execution of movement
- Rigid, yet adjustable, wrap-around hook/loop closing system keeps wrists secure


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